est. 2011 - Michigan's Upper Peninsula

I started Big Water Apparel from my studio apartment along the Lake Superior coast in Marquette, Michigan back in 2011. I remember sleeping on a mattress that I’d folded in half like a taco so that I could have enough room in the tiny space for my growing amount of screen printing equipment. The immensity of that lake and its rugged shoreline inspired many of Big Water’s first t-shirt designs.

I’ve since moved to the mountains of Utah, where I’ve focused on my own pen and ink artwork. While I miss Lake Superior and my home state of Michigan every day, I still find inspiration in the rugged beauty of the outdoors. This is evident in the fish, wildlife, and landscapes that I draw and paint.

This line is called Big Water Big Earth, and it truly represents the reasons I started Big Water in the first place. It is original art, prints, hand-pulled silkscreens, and limited run tees. Thanks for looking.

- Colin Clancy

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